9CM Petri Dish

9CM Petri Dish
SCPD-009 9CM Petri Dish 500 pcs/box 9 49×49×36

Disposable Petri dish made of transparent polymer materials made of polystyrene ( GPPS ), for laboratory inoculation, scribing, bacterial operation.

-Diameter: 9 cm

-Growth area: 55cm2

-uniform thickness, bottom without distortion, good transparency, is easy to observe

-can meet the training needs of gas exchange

-easy grip type flat plate, lateral teeth ring design, minimizing pollution

-on the cover and the bottom annular protuberance closely, convenient storage and reduce the mediumvolatile

-gamma ray sterilization

-Packaged in easy-to-open plastic bags to assure contamination-free.

-Quantity: 500 dishes per case

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