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BR-35 Pipet Tips Yellow

BR-35 Pipet Tips Yellow


Bio-Rad pipet tips are made from virgin polypropylene and have been accurately molded for an airtight fit. The finest molds and appropriate manufacturing methods are used, so the tips are guaranteed to have a smooth interior surface, which is essential for precision pipetting.

  •         Tips and racks are autoclavable at 120°C at 15 lb of pressure for 15 minutes; tips presterilized by e-beam irradiation are also available
  •         All materials used in both natural and colored pipet tips have been formulated without heavy metals
  •         Pipet tip racks are manufactured from polypropylene, with a plastic content code of 5, and are free of labels for convenient recycling

Bio-Rad BR-35 pipet tips 1000 yellow tips in each white box several boxes available

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