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Microplate reader model ELX 808 IU

microplate reader ELX 808 IU

Microplate reader model ELX 808 IU

It is a Microplate reader model ELX 808 IU made by BioTek company in United States of America. BioTek Instruments, Inc. is a privately held Vermont–based manufacturer that sells scientific instruments and associated software used in basic research in the life sciences as well in quality assurance in related industries.

some of features and attributes of microplate reader ELX 808 IU :

– Has a wavelength range: 340 – 900 nm (nm)
Optical Density Range: 0 – 4 (OD)
96 Special microplate 96 houses
– Has 5 filters 630 nm and 490, 450, 405 and 340 and increase capability
– Shaking capability of the sample
– Has a temperature control system up to 50 ° C (incubator)
Ability to measure absorption (OD), Endpoint and Kinetic
– Light source: tungsten – halogen
– Resolution power: 0.001 OD
– Device accuracy: <2% at 3.5 OD / <1% at 2.5 OD
– Device reproducibility: <1.5% at 3.5 OD / <0.5% at 2.5 OD
– Single / Dual reading speed: 12/20 normal mode and 13.8 fast mode
– Has RS232 port and printer port

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