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RoboRack 175ul Conductive Filter Tips Sterile

RoboRack 175ul Conductive Filter Tips, Sterile
Perkin Elmer


We offer sterile and non-sterile tips for a variety of dispenser channel sizes and volume requirements. Tips to support liquid transfers from multiple laboratory containers including test tubes, vials, troughs, deep-well plates and microplates (up to 384-well) are available as well. Our portfolio of consumables includes both cell-based and biochemical assay platforms, reagents and kits, as well as a complete range of high quality and application-focused microplates for your assay applications, detection technologies, or plate reader requirements. Our Conductive Aerosol Barrier RoboRack MPII disposable tips for use with MultiPROBE II VersaTip Plus adapters are available in popular sizes in standard format for conventional liquid sample processing, sterile, provide liquid level sensing, and are available in ten 96-tip RoboRacks per case.

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