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50 TS Microplate Washer

BioTek’s 50 TS Microplate Washer is a compact microplate washing system with functionality that is unsurpassed in its class. The color touchscreen provides a visual interface with menu-driven programming that makes creating protocols fast and intuitive. Its performance for conventional ELISA plate washing is excellent, but the 50 TS offers much more. Its modularity makes it ideal for cellbased assay washing, biomagnetic separation and vacuum filtration processes. The 50 TS is an affordable choice for automating the wash steps of a variety of applications in clinical and research laboratories. Used in conjunction with the 800 TS Absorbance Reader or other detection system, the 50 TS offers a welcome upgrade from manual processing – bringing convenience and consistently high quality results to your laboratory’s plate washing workflows.

800 TS Microplate Reader

The 800 TS Absorbance Reader is an affordable, high quality microplate reader for assays in 6- to 384-well formats. The color touchscreen provides a visual user interface, making programming simple. The onboard software includes “quick read” and custom protocols, with data viewed immediately after measure, followed by export to USB or to the compact printer. The software stores a history of programmed assays and recent plate readings for instant recall. The 800 TS can be configured to include temperature control and shaking, ideal for assays like short- or long-term kinetics, enabled under computer control via Gen5 Software. The 800 TS, used alongside the 50 TS Washer, makes an affordable system to automate many application workflows, including immunoassays, cytotoxicity, enzyme assays, cell-based assays and more.

AutoMate Express™ Forensic DNA Extraction System

Category: Laboratory Equipment Brand: Applied Biosystems Intended Use: DNA Extraction Catalog Number: 4441763

Clarity Urocheck 120 Urine Analyzer

The Clarity Urocheck 120 Urine Analyzer runs a self-test each time the power switch is turned on. An optional barcode reader records patient ID. The barcode reader verifies strip canister barcodes. Use only Clarity Urinalysis Reagent Strips with the canister barcode for correct results.

Ion Torrent S5TM Sequencer

Category: Laboratory Equipment Brand: Thermo Fischer Scientific Catalog Number: A27211 Unit  Size: 1 instrument Height: 20 in (50.9 cm) Length(depth): 31.75 in (80.6cm) Width (closed): 21.4 in (54.2 cm) Width (open): 34 in (86.4 cm) Weight: 140 lb (63.5 kg) For Use with( Equipment): Ion ChefTM System

Ion TorrentTM GenexusTM Integrated Sequencer

Category: Laboratory Equipment Brand: Thermo Fischer Scientific Model: 6191 Serial Number (SN): 2619121030371 Publication Number: MAN0017910 FCC ID: 2AD9Z-INS1011976 Catalog Number: A45727 Unit Size: 1 Sequencer Revision: E.0 Status: New Intended Use: Biological Laboratory Country of Manufacturer: Singapore Product Line. GenexusTM Starting Material: DNA, RNA or cfTNA

Mettler Toledo XS64 0.0001 gr Lab balance(Brand New)

Category: Laboratory Equipment Brand: Mettler Toledo Catalog Number: 11106015 Intended Use: Biological Laboratory

Multiskan™ Sky Microplate Spectrophotometer, with touchscreen

Category: Laboratory Equipment Brand: Thermo Fisher Scientific Catalog Number: 51119600DP Application: a spectrophotometer that is used to measure photometric assays with defined 96- and 384-well microplates. Multiskan Sky with the cuvette version can also measure photometric assays with cuvettes. Additionally, Multiskan Sky is compatible with the Thermo Scientific™ μDrop Plate.

Roche Cobas Z480 real time PCR Used with Software

Category: Laboratory Equipment Brand: Roche Intended Use: Performing rapid, accurate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in combination with real-time, online detection enabling absolute or relative quantification of a target nucleic acid, as well as post-PCR analysis of the amplified nucleic acid by melting curve analysis

Sanger Sequencer ABI 3130XL

Category: Laboratory Equipment Brand: Thermo Fischer Scientific For Use With (Equipment): 3100 Genetic Analyzer, BigDye™Terminator Kits, dRhodamine Dye Terminator Kit Number of Capillaries: 16 Capillaries Capillary Length: 80 cm, 22 cm, 36 cm, 50 cm Amperage: 15A Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Product Type: Genetic Analyzer Sample: >10 µL Throughput: 23,040 genotypes/24hr (5-dye DNA sizing), 328,000 bases/24hr (Ultra Rapid Sequencing), 17,280 genotypes/24hr (4-dye DNA sizing), 121,600 bases/24hr (Long Read Sequencing) Software: GeneMapper™ Software Weight: 130 kg Format: 96- or 384-well Plate System Upgrade: 3100 to 3130 XL Unit Size: 1 Upgrade

Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 Basic Automated systems

Category: Laboratory Equipment Chromatography Brand: Thermo Fisher Scientific Catalog Number:-