ISO-NOPF Flexible Nitric Oxide Sensor

ISO-NOPF electrodes are available in 100 µm, 200 µm and 500 µm diameters. Utilizing the latest advances in nano-technology and material science, scientists at WPI’s Sensor Laboratory have created these completely flexible and virtually unbreakable NO sensors. The new sensors are based on a composite graphite NO-sensing element combined with a reference electrode. The surface of the sens
Сatalog number: ISO-NOPNM


The ISO-NOPNM is based on a novel design in which an electrochemically "activated" composite graphite nanofiber is used as the NO-sensing element. The surface of the Nanosensor is then modified using a unique multi-layered NO-selective membrane. Figure at right illustrates the response of the ISO-NOPNM following successive additions of nanomolar concentrations of NO. The ultra-low noise of the ISO-NOPNM (0.5 pA) enables a detection limit of just 0.5 nM NO. The response time of ISO-NOPNM is less than 3 seconds.

Micro Nitric Oxide Sensors

The ISO-NOP007 has a tip diameter of just 7 microns and a length of 2mm. The response is linear over a wide dynamic concentration range of NO. The design is based on a single carbon fiber coated with WPI's NO-selective membrane. A detection limit of approximately 1 nM NO makes this electrode ideal for use in tissues and microvessels.
Сatalog number: ISO-NOP

Nitric Oxide Sensor – 2mm


The original nitric oxide probe - ideal for cell cultures, cell suspensions and many other applications

The ISO-NOP is a popular, robust and high performance sensor encased within a 2 mm diameter disposable stainless steel protective sleeve. The tip of the sleeve is covered with a NO-selective membrane. Replacement membrane sleeves can be  purchased separately (WPI #5436) and require an internal electrolyte (WPI #7325). A simple change in experimental protocol enables the ISO-NOP to be conveniently used for indirect rapid accurate determination of nitrite (NO–2) and nitrate (NO–3) concentration in samples. Using this method a detection limit for NO–2 or NO–3 as low as 1 nM is routinely possible.
Сatalog number: 7357

Nitrite Standard Solution, 1g/L (100mL)

  • Potassium Nitrite in HPLC Grade Water
  • Ready to use
  • 100 ml
  • May be Irritating to Skin, See SDS
Сatalog number: 5436

Replacement Sleeves for ISO-NOP


Keep your ISO-NOP sensor performing properly

The replacement membrane sleeves fit the 2mm (OD) ISO-NOP nitric oxide sensor. They are stainless steel tubes with an NO permeable membrane, and they come in a package of 4 sleeves.