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Сatalog number: 8870

4-Way Flipper™ Racks

Hold thirty-two 0.5mL, thirty-two 1.5mL, twelve 15mL or four 50mL tubes, each on a different side, using Thermo Scientific™ 4-Way Flipper™ Racks.
Сatalog number: 8830-11

81-Well Cryogenic Storage Racks with Lid

Hold eighty-one 1.5 or 2.0mL cryogenic storage vials with the Thermo Scientific™ 81-Well Cryogenic Storage Rack with Lid. Available in several colors with transparent tinted lid that protects samples from dust and debris and permits stacking.
Сatalog number: 8780

96-Well Flipper™ Microtube Racks

Protect samples and allow racks to be stacked using the Thermo Scientific™ 96-Well Flipper™ Microtube Rack. The rack, which is molded with an alphanumeric grid for easy tube identification, holds 0.5mL tubes on one side and 1.5mL tubes on the other.
Сatalog number: PRK1383

Aluminum Support, tube/plate rack, 384-well

The Thermo Scientific 384-well Aluminium Support Rack provides optimal support for heat sealing and automated dispensing for all standard 384-well
Сatalog number: PRK1963

Aluminum Support, tube/plate rack, 96-well

The Thermo Scientific 96-well Aluminium Support Rack provides optimal support for heat sealing and automated dispensing for all 0.2mL PCR
Сatalog number: 398188

Chest Freezer Racks

Use Thermo Scientific™ Chest Freezer Racks with TDE Series Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezers as well as legacy Forma™, HERAfreeze™, Revco™ and TS-Series Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezers.
Сatalog number: T-28

Chromacol Vial Racks

Save space in the fridge while ensuring a safe working position on the bench and during transport. Available in a various materials, colors and capacities, Thermo Scientific™ Chromacol Vial Racks meet a variety of application needs
Сatalog number: 1950845

Dense Storage Racks for Chest ULTs and Cryo Storage

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A convenient, streamlined process to maximize sample storage in your laboratory. Thermo Scientific™ Dense Storage Racks for Chest ULTs and Cryo Storage are designed to hold tubes ranging from 200μL up to 5.0μL, offering maximized sample storage capacity for ultra-low chest freezers and large-capacity cryogenic freezers.
Сatalog number: 9420400

Finnpipette™ Stands

Provide safe and convenient storage for manual and electronic pipettes using Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Stands. Available options include options for single stand, F-stand, multi-stand, multichannel and carousel.
Сatalog number: 8688

FlipStrip™ Microtube Racks with Lid

Hold 0.2mL strips and 1.5mL tubes on one side of the Thermo Scientific™ FlipStrip Microtube Rack with Lid, and 0.5mL tubes on the other. The rack is made from 100% recycled plastic.
Сatalog number: 15952

KingFisher™ mL Food Protection Purification System Tube Rack

Tube-sample rack, designed of use with the KingFisher mL Food Protection Purification System. The Tube Rack contains fifteen separate sample
Сatalog number: 6565-0001

Nalgene™ 4-in-1 EZ Tote™ Bottle Carrier

Transport bottles and other lab essentials safely and easily using the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 4-in-1 EZ Tote™ Bottle Carrier. Manufactured from 3mm corrugated HDPE plastic, it holds eight 500mL, six 1L, or two 4L bottles. Versatile, durable and lightweight, carriers include partitions and assembly instructions, printed on each tote.