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Сatalog number: SYS-A362

A362 Battery Charger

Recharges the high-voltage nickel-cadmium or NiMH battery stack in the A320R, A365R and A395R. LED lamp indicates charging status. LED lamp indicates charging status. Full charge overnight.
Сatalog number: SYS-A382


An innovative three-step charger, A382 employs fast, medium, and trickle charges at a safe, low current, greatly extending battery life. After a fast initial phase, the charger automatically switches to a constant voltage mode. When charging is complete, the charger switches to the trickle-charge mode. LED lamps indicate charging status. (For use only in charging batteries installed in the A385.)

Constant Current Stimulus Isolator

Activated by conventional logic-level commands, Model A365 can be gated by any pulse generator, stimulator or computer output with automated bipolar pulsing for zero net charge on biological preparations.
Сatalog number: DRL

Dummy Load Resistor Kit

A365 can be used as a precise voltage source by placing a precision “dummy” resistor load across the output terminals. Precision resistors (such as the 100 Ω, 1000 Ω and 10,000 Ω resistors in WPI’s optional Dummy Load Resistor Kit #DRL) when placed across the output terminals convert the precision current levels to accurate voltage levels. For example, 1 milliampere flowing through 1000 Ohms will produce 1 volt across the output terminal pair. Thus, models A365D and A365R can be used as low noise sources of accurate voltage pulses or DC. To maintain less than 1% error, avoid shunting the output dummy resistor with a load resistance less than 100 times the dummy resistance value.

High Current Stimulus Isolator

The A385 is an optically isolated current source, which can generate up to 100 mA of unipolar or biphasic constant current pulses or DC. Pulse duration is controlled manually or by an external 5V command. Output current amplitude is determined by a 3-digit 10-turn potentiometer. Maximum output voltage between the stimulating electrodes is +36V.

Linear Stimulus Isolator

Model A395 generates a user-defined output current of wave shape; DC, AC, pulse and combinations. Battery operated, pho­to­elec­tri­cal­ly-isolated from the input voltage drive, the instrument regen­er­ates out­put currents which are linearly proportional to the analog voltage wave­forms pro­vid­ed by your D/A con­vert­er or sig­nal generator.

Single Channel Pulse Generator

The A310 pulse generator/stimulator combines the reproducibility and accuracy of digital electronics with the fine resolution and continuous adjustment pos­si­ble with analog circuitry. All timing pa­ram­e­ters are entered with high resolution, ten-turn po­ten­ti­om­e­ters and six-position range switches. Timing is ac­cu­rate to within 1% of the set value.