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Grip Strength Meter

Measure muscle hyperalgesia in rats and mice with the Grip Strength Meter, which gauges the forelimb grip force using a digital force transducer. Simply hold the animal by the tail and gently dangle it over the wire mesh plate until the animal grasps the plate with its forepaws. The force transducer, connected with the wire mesh plate, measures the strength of the animal at the time of the test. The battery-operated, electronic control device calculates the average of three measurements, and it holds the last maximum force in a “peak and hold” type readout until you reset it.
Сatalog number: II-39

Hot Plate Analgesia Meter


Latency testing in rodents

To use the Hot Plate Analgesia meters, simply place the animals on a black anodized, aluminum plate (11 x 10.5 x 0.75”, 275 x 263 x 15 mm) and set the plate’s surface temperature to the desired set point (up to 75˚C). The plate maintains a consistent temperature throughout the test
Сatalog number: II-600MR

Incapacitance Meter for Mouse and Rat


Test pain and inflammation in small animal hind limbs

The Incapacitance Meter uses a technique called dual channel weight averaging, which tests both hind limbs. This gives you a clean, stress-free correlation of the paw pressure test. Conduct control and testing of the animal at the same time. Place the animal in the holder with its hind limbs resting on the two weight-averaging platform pads. The controller records the average weight (grams) over the test period as the animal shifts its weight from each pad.
Сatalog number: II-PE34

Incremental Hot Cold Plate for Mouse & Rat


Latency and threshold-based nocicetption

This safe, humane device for rats and mice is used for latency and threshold-based nocicetption, ramping temperatures for 0-70˚C. Because this hot cold plate is incremental, it measures latencies of much more than just the strong narcotic agents, broadening dramatically the range of analgesia research with devices of this type. Microprocessor-controlled, the Incremental Hot Cold Plate can heat or cool in increments of 0.1˚C, at a rate of 1-10˚C per minute. With uniform heating and cooling and upper/lower cut-off limits, this device is predictable and safe. It can also function as a constant temperature plate with great stability (0.1˚C). As soon as a reaction is observed from the chosen paw, the unit reverses to the standby temperature.
Сatalog number: II-520MR

Mouse/Rat Restrainer


Test effectiveness of anti-inflammatory agents

Test the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory agents and agents to reduce edemic conditions with the Plethysmometer. Simply insert the rat or mouse paw into water. The acrylic stand offers full visibility of the subject throughout the testing.

Plethysmometer (Paw Volume) Meter for Mouse and Rat

  • Constructed of sturdy clear, 1/4” wall acrylic
  • Requires only mild soap and water solution to clean the restrainers (no ammonia based products should be used)
  • Includes adjustable head gate and the end plate.
  • Head gate and end plates can be removed easily to allows the animal to “walk-in” to the restrainer and avoids any trauma to the specimen.
Сatalog number: II-2500

Randall Selitto Paw Pressure Meter, 800g


Get instantaneous, live readings

The Randall Selitto Paw Pressure Meter for analgesia testing is digitally controlled. Use the handheld instrument to apply force to an animal’s extremity and get instantaneous, live readings. You can even view the last maximum force applied during the test. The new limit indicator lets you select the maximum force limit, and then indicates with a warning light when the system reaches that limit. This unit comes with an acrylic stand to allow for easy viewing of the display. Stand and sling are sold separately.