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Сatalog number: DSPIN.9000

DynaSpin™ Single-Use Centrifuge

The Thermo Scientific DynaSpin Single-Use Centrifuge provides a robust single-use harvest solution that delivers superior separation and next-generation automation, adding
Сatalog number: 75000324

Sorvall™ CC40NX Centrifuge Series

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Purify large-volume samples such as vaccines with the Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ CC40NX Centrifuge Series. These are continuous-flow centrifuges for commercial purification of viruses and proteins. Depending on the optional cores and sample feed systems selected, they can be used to prepare density gradients of viruses and liposomes (with or without a preclarifier core), batch centrifugation of HBsAg, etc. and even rough separation of large-volume samples for pelleting.