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Сatalog number: 5470

0.031″ Jack, 28 ga. wire, 12″ (pkg of 4)

  • 0.031" Socket on a 12" lead wire
  • 28 gauge Wire
  • Package of 4
  • For use with the DAM80P probe
Сatalog number: 13324

13324 Adapter, Dual Banana/BNC


For wiring any laboratory setup

  • Connector A: Double-banana (female)
  • Connector B: BNC (male)
  • Cable: non
Сatalog number: 5468

2 mm Receptacle to 0.031″ Jack (for Omega-TipZ)


Jack for the Omega-TipZ impedance measurement system

You can use this adapter to connect the metal microelectrodes to the probe. It has a 2mm receptacle  on one end and a 0.031" jack. This is designed for use with the Omega-TipZ battery operated impedance measurement system.
Сatalog number: 3517

2 Optional Shielded Modular Cables for DAM50 Bioamplifier

Shielded cable for DAM50

This shielded cable is often used with the WPI DAM50 Bioamplifier. It has an RJ11 connector  for the DAM50 input port. The other end is unterminated so you can build the piece you need for you own application.  Learn More
Сatalog number: SYS-A362

A362 Battery Charger

Recharges the high-voltage nickel-cadmium or NiMH battery stack in the A320R, A365R and A395R. LED lamp indicates charging status. LED lamp indicates charging status. Full charge overnight.
Сatalog number: 3578

Adapter Cable

Cable for Electrophysiology

This cable has a connector for use with Ag/AgCl (silver/silver chloride) pellts and an other connector for pellets.
Сatalog number: 5469

Adapter Electrode 0.031 for DAM80P

  • Adapter for the DAM80P probe
  • Mini banana plug (on the DAM80) to 0.79 mm (0.031") socket (for the metal microelectrode)
Сatalog number: 300102

Adapter Extension, Connector B: 0.31 mm socket

Connector A: 2 mm socket Connector B: 0.31 mm socket Cable: 4 in. (10 cm) Learn More