Сatalog number: TERRACORE5G

5G Terra Core Soil Sampler

Save time with this no fuss, no mess disposable transfer tool. Thermo Scientific™ 5G Terra Core Soil Sampler is a cost effective tool for soil sampling as described in USEPA SW-846 Method 5035. The Terra Core soil sampler delivers an approximate 5g sample quickly and conveniently into a 40mL VOA vial for in-field preservation. Vial threads stay free of debris and and volatile target analytes are better maintained by minimal exposure and handling than manual spatula methods.
Сatalog number: 503-0010

Color-coded Sample Alert Labels

Increase the safety and efficiency of sample handling and identification with Thermo Scientific™ Color-Coded Sample Alert Labels. Each label is color-coded with the chemical preservative type for quick reference and safe handling. Sticks securely to plastic or glass sample containers.
Сatalog number: 500TS

Custody Seals, 1 x 7 in.

Provide complete chain-of-custody and tamper evidence for samples from the point of collection to lab receipt. Thermo Scientific™ Custody Seal adhesive stickers securely seal your sample bottle and cannot be peeled off. The only way to open the sealed bottle is to break the paper label. Includes a writing area for custody signature and date for tamper-evident security. Apply at the point of sample collection, and ship samples to their destination with confidence.
Сatalog number: POOL1010MLN

Pathatrix™ 10 Pooling Kit

The Pathatrix® 10 Pooling Kit simplifies the measurement and pooling of samples from 10 individual pre-enriched food and environmental samples.
Сatalog number: PFF

Pathatrix™ Foam Filters

Pathatrix™ Foam Filters are specially designed single-use filters that fit easily onto the Pathatrix™ Pooling Kit straws and serve to