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Сatalog number: SYS-A382


An innovative three-step charger, A382 employs fast, medium, and trickle charges at a safe, low current, greatly extending battery life. After a fast initial phase, the charger automatically switches to a constant voltage mode. When charging is complete, the charger switches to the trickle-charge mode. LED lamps indicate charging status. (For use only in charging batteries installed in the A385.)
Сatalog number: DRL

Dummy Load Resistor Kit

A365 can be used as a precise voltage source by placing a precision “dummy” resistor load across the output terminals. Precision resistors (such as the 100 Ω, 1000 Ω and 10,000 Ω resistors in WPI’s optional Dummy Load Resistor Kit #DRL) when placed across the output terminals convert the precision current levels to accurate voltage levels. For example, 1 milliampere flowing through 1000 Ohms will produce 1 volt across the output terminal pair. Thus, models A365D and A365R can be used as low noise sources of accurate voltage pulses or DC. To maintain less than 1% error, avoid shunting the output dummy resistor with a load resistance less than 100 times the dummy resistance value.