Сatalog number: 5470

0.031″ Jack, 28 ga. wire, 12″ (pkg of 4)

  • 0.031" Socket on a 12" lead wire
  • 28 gauge Wire
  • Package of 4
  • For use with the DAM80P probe
Сatalog number: 3517

2 Optional Shielded Modular Cables for DAM50 Bioamplifier

Shielded cable for DAM50

This shielded cable is often used with the WPI DAM50 Bioamplifier. It has an RJ11 connector  for the DAM50 input port. The other end is unterminated so you can build the piece you need for you own application.  Learn More
Сatalog number: 3578

Adapter Cable

Cable for Electrophysiology

This cable has a connector for use with Ag/AgCl (silver/silver chloride) pellts and an other connector for pellets.
Сatalog number: 5385

Cable, shielded transducer stock

Popular electrical component

This shielded transducer stock cable has no connectors on either end. it is 25 ft (7.6 m) long. It has 8 conductor, 30 gauge stranded wires with shield cable, and it is Teflon insulated. Learn More
Сatalog number: 503301

Extension Cable for DLS100 and UMP3

This 10' cable is designed for use with the DLS100 or the UMP3 systems.

Extension cable, 5 feet

Get a longer cord
Extend the reach of your equipment with the 5' extension cable. This item is commonly used with the WPI AirTherm ATC Heater or the WPI Duo773 Electrometer.