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Сatalog number: 3582-39

Accessories for Shaking Water Baths

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Enhance flexibility using Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for Shaking Water Baths.
Сatalog number: 1555258PACK

ARCTIC™ Refrigerated Bath Premium Starter Package

Thermo Scientific ARCTIC refrigerated bath circulators provide outstanding cooling power, expansive temperature ranges, powerful force/suction pumps, and sophisticated digital control technology designed to ensure accuracy and reproducibility of your liquid temperature control procedures. Bundle and save up to $980* off the cost of the ARCTIC refrigerated bath circulators and temperature control accessories 
Сatalog number: 611028000001

ARD Automatic Reservoir Refill System

Thermo Scientific™ ARD Automatic Reservoir Refill System automatically refills the bath reservoir from a pressured fluid source when fluid drops below an acceptable limit due to evaporation.
Сatalog number: 230000005

Auto-refill for VersaCool™ Refrigerated Circulating Bath

Automatically maintain and ensure the optimal level of fluid in your VersaCool with the Autorefill feature. Provides peace of mind with user-defined start and stop levels, as well as a time-out feature. The needle valve allows control of the fill rate from as fast a refill as possible- to a slow refill that minimizes any effect on temperature stability or any rate in between
Сatalog number: 610000000001

Bath Fluids for Thermo Scientific Neslab Baths

Use ethylene glycol for low-temperature applications to -30°C, silicone oil for high temperature applications to +150°C.
Сatalog number: 611000000108

Chiller Plumbing Kits and Accessories

Thermo Scientific™ Chiller Plumbing Kits and accessories include flexible tubing, tubing insulation, and hose clamps.
Сatalog number: 1546231Q

Concentric Ring Cover for Precision™ Water Baths, 6 Holes, for 20L and 28L Water Bath

These Fisherbrand™ Covers are for use with Precision Dubnoff and Shallow-Form Shaking Water Baths.
Сatalog number: 118094

Concentric Ring Covers for Lindberg/Blue M™ Multi-Purpose Circulating Baths

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Use Thermo Scientific™ 2–, 6– or 8–ring Concentric-Ring Covers with Lindberg Blue/M baths.
Сatalog number: TSGPACL20

Cover for Precision™ Water Baths

Complement your water baths with a gassing hood, gable cover, designed to fit large flasks, or concentric ring cover for steaming.
Сatalog number: 19000-17Q

Covers for Aquabath Water Baths

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Ensure temperatures are maintained using Thermo Scientific™ Covers for Aquabath Water Baths.
Сatalog number: 611006000009

Deionized Water Support for Recirculating Chillers

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Maintain the resistivity of your cooling water with Thermo Scientific™ Deionized Water Packages.
Сatalog number: 3291902

EK Immersion Coolers

A simple solution for direct cooling of small samples. Thermo Scientific™ EK Immersion Coolers offer wide temperature ranges and integrated control. They can be used with open-bath circulators to provide the easiest way to cool small samples. A reliable and flexible alternative to tap water cooling that eliminates the inconvenience of handling dry ice or liquid nitrogen, saving both time and money. All models feature CFC-free refrigerant.