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Сatalog number: SYS-TBM4M

4-Channel Transducer Amplifier


Amplify output voltage signals

Transbridge (TBM4M) is a four-channel analog transducer manifold, specifically designed to amplify output voltage signals from pressure, force, displacement, and temperature transducers as well as a wide variety of other signal sources. Analog output signals are available from each channel for input to a data acquisition system for digital signal processing in a computer. Each channel contains a regulated 10 V power supply (+5 and -5 V with respect to signal ground) to provide DC power to transducers, and a precision differential amplifier with selectable voltage amplification and variable position adjustment control.
Сatalog number: 14254

BNC Straight Adapter


For wiring any laboratory setup

  • Connector A: BNC (female)
  • Connector B: BNC (female)
  • Cable: none
Сatalog number: BRIDGE8

Bridge8 Transducer Amplifier Module


Low noise transducer amplifier in a modular system

Bridge8 is a modular, rack-mountable amplifier system. It is specifically designed for use as a signal conditioning amplifier with strain gages and other poered transducers. Bridge8 includes differential amplifiers featuring high input impedance, high common mode rejection and low current leakage input terminals for low noise operation. The Bridge8 also features a half bridge switch and channel offset. A wide variety of WPI transducers are available for force, temperature, pressure and light measurements. The Bridge8 amplifier is a clear choice for convenience and quality. Any combination of ISO-DAM8 or Bridge8 modules may be combined in the same enclosure. The ISO-DAM8A module is also available in this rack configuration.


ECG Monitoring System Features For each heartbeat, a wave of cardiac muscle contraction pushes blood through the heart.  Cardiac muscle cells
Сatalog number: EZ-7000

Classic Small Animal Anesthesia System


Complete small animal anesthesia system and all the accessories

EZ Anesthesia is the system of choice for anesthetizing small animals, and it comes with a variety of choices. Animals to be anesthetized are placed in the acrylic induction chamber, and the system delivers a precisely blended mixture of oxygen and isoflurane. An activated charcoal air filter canister at the top of the chamber releases safe, filtered air back into the room. A water-heated cage warmer or warming plate (ATC2000) is used to retain the animal body temperature while in the induction chamber. After the initial anesthetizing, the animal may be moved to the heated surgical water bed and positioned properly in the snugly fitted nose cone. A highly sensitive valve regulated by the animal’s breathing works with the nose cone to ensure non-rebreathing efficiency. It allows safe anesthesia for up to several hours. The breathing device also includes an air filter that releases safe, filtered air back into the room.
Сatalog number: 3650-0050PK

Nalgene™ Acrylic Burets with PMP Tip, TFE Stopcock and Plug

Ensure repeatable, accurate results with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Break-Resistant Acrylic Burets which meet ASTM E287 standards. These Acrylic burets are crystal clear, durable, easy to use and safer than glass. Avoid chips, broken tips, and sharp edges. Enjoy safer and easier handling with durable acrylic instead of glass.
Сatalog number: 713650-1025

Replacement Stopcock Assembly for Nalgene™ Acrylic Buret

This is a replacement part for Nalgene™ Acrylic Buret 3650-0025.