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This unit, which is designed for testing narcotics and strong non-narcotic drugs, offers both Plantar (Hargreaves Method) and Tail Flick testing with a single unit. Either testing system is also available individually. In plantar mode, the visible light/heat source is directed at the paw or other desired body part, and in tail flick mode it is directed at the subjects’ tails. Test up to 12 mice or 6 rats simultaneously. If desired, other animals like cats and rabbits may also be used. Tests are simple to setup. The focused, radiant heat/light source creates a 4 x 6 mm intense spot. Because the light is visible, you know when the test starts and ends. The equipment is silent (no whining or clicking sounds) to avoid triggering an automatic response in conditioned animals. You can set a humane cutoff timer that automatically shuts off the heat if no response is observed during the designated time frame.
Сatalog number: II-2889


This special package offers four tests, including Electronic von FreyPlethysmometer, Randall Selittometers and the Grip Strength Meter. You get all four test modules and the electronic controller that is interchangeable with all four systems. The electronic controller has up to three inputs, so you can perform up to four unique tests with only one electronic system. If you prefer, you may build your system and you grow. Because of the modular design of these four systems, you need to order only one complete system. Then, the modules for the other three tests, which integrate into the system, can be purchased separately, as needed. The stand and sling for the Randall Selitto test are sold separately.
Сatalog number: II-2888


Get three test systems in one package with the Trio, featuring the Electronic von FreyPlethysmometer and Randall Selitto meters. Just like the Quattro package, the modular design allows these three test systems to communicate with the same electronic controller. The stand and sling for the Randall Selitto test are sold separately. Three test systems
  • Electronic von Frey
  • Plethysmometer
  • Randall Selitto