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Сatalog number: NW3012

Bolt™ Empty Mini Gel Cassette Combs, 12-well

Bolt Empty Gel Cassette Combs are for use with Bolt Empty Gel Cassettes, which give you the option of pouring
Сatalog number: NW2010

Bolt™ Empty Mini Gel Cassettes

Bolt Empty Gel Cassettes give you the option of pouring your own special gel type while still enjoying the advantages
Сatalog number: A26732

Cassette Clamp Cam Handle Set

The Cassette Clamp Cam Handle Set is a retrofit part for the Bolt™ Mini Gel Tank to enable it to
Сatalog number: A25945

Cassette Clamp, right

Cassette clamps are replacement parts for the Mini Gel Tank . They lock and seal the gel cassettes within the
Сatalog number: D3-MTD

D3-14, A3-1 and A6 Wide Gel Electrophoresis System Wall Comb, 1 Tooth

Eliminate comb assembly with Fisherbrand™ D3-14, A3-1 and A6 Wide-Gel Electrophoresis System Combs. These microwell and wall combs are heavy-duty, one-piece units for use with the D3-14, A3-1 and A6 wide gel electrophoresis systems.
Сatalog number: EA03

E-Base™ 90°-Angle Adapter

The E-Base™ 90°-Angle Adapter is a component of the E-Base™ Integrated Devices. E-Base™ devices run E-Gel® and E-PAGE™ buffer-less, pre-cast
Сatalog number: A33811

E-Gel™ Go! Adapter for E-Gel™ Power Snap Electrophoresis Device

The Invitrogen E-Gel Go! Adapter is an accessory item for the E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis Device. The adapter enables the
Сatalog number: B4478641

Gel Runner Tank

The Gel Runner Tank is a replacement part for the Mini Gel Tank . A tank lid, tank base, and
Сatalog number: A25950

Mini Gel Tank Base

The Mini Gel Tank Base is a replacement part for the Mini Gel Tank . It holds the Gel Runner
Сatalog number: A25944

Mini Gel Tank Lid

The Mini Gel Tank Lid is a replacement part for the Mini Gel Tank . It goes on top of
Сatalog number: ZY00105BOX

Novex™ 10% Zymogram Plus (Gelatin) Protein Gels, 1.0 mm

Novex 10% Zymogram Plus (Gelatin) gels are useful for the detection and characterization of proteases that use gelatin as a substrate. The proteases are run under denaturing conditions and visualized as clear bands against a dark background using a simple renaturing, developing, and staining protocol. Zymogram gels are commonly used to detect matrix metalloproteinases. Novex 10% Zymogram Plus gels are highly sensitive, detecting as little as 5 x 10