Сatalog number: A43889

Pierce™ Pyrogen-Free Glass Test Tubes

These endotoxin-free glass test tubes contain less than 0.005 EU/mL endotoxin. They are recommended for use as reaction tubes in
Сatalog number: 9520557

Predilution Test Tubes

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Prepare a large sample volume for subsequent transfer to microplates with Thermo Scientific™ Predilution Test Tubes.
Сatalog number: CTS-16100

Silanized Disposable Culture Tubes

Save time and minimize waste costs when performing quantitative analysis or storing materials. Thermo Scientific™ Silanized Disposable Culture Tubes are pre-processed with a silanized surface deactivation treatment, and are offered in convenient, ready-to-use clean packs. Surface deactivation treatments such as silanization may play an important role in preserving the integrity of certain materials or extracts stored in glass containers. It also helps to avoid alkalinization of contents which may occur as carbonates leach from the glass with normal weathering.
Сatalog number: 99449-20X

Sterilin™ Borosilicate Glass Culture Tubes

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Rely on chemical and temperature resistant borosilicate glass culture tubes in your tough applications. Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Borosilicate Glass Culture Tubes are available with flat or round bottom, threaded to accept a screw cap.