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Сatalog number: 8030140000

MS-H-S10 10-Channel Classic Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer,

Stainless Steel Plate with Silicone Film, Heating Temperature up to 120C
Сatalog number: 8030101212

MS-H280-Pro,Double LED Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

stainless steel with ceramic coated hotplate,heating temperature up to 280°C ,including 18900016.
Сatalog number: 51119600DP

Multiskan™ Sky Microplate Spectrophotometer, with touchscreen

Category: Laboratory Equipment Brand: Thermo Fisher Scientific Catalog Number: 51119600DP Application: a spectrophotometer that is used to measure photometric assays with defined 96- and 384-well microplates. Multiskan Sky with the cuvette version can also measure photometric assays with cuvettes. Additionally, Multiskan Sky is compatible with the Thermo Scientific™ μDrop Plate.
Сatalog number: 8031402100

MX-RL-Pro LCD Digital Rotator

with Variable Speed and Adjustable Mixing Angle. 1 Piece/Case
Сatalog number: 8031312000

MX-T6-S, Classic Tube Roller

6 Rollers with Variable Speed, US plug, 110V220V50Hz60Hz
Сatalog number: 50155442

Non-pressurized Plastic Water Deionizer Replacement Cartridges

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Thermo Scientific™ Non-pressurized Plastic Water Deionizer replacement cartridges provide deionized water for many applications. For use with Non-Pressurized Plastic Water Deionizers, small compact systems that provide demineralized water. Ideal for small laboratories but also for supplying autoclaves and washers in doctors' and dentists' practices.