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Сatalog number: 8033100100

OS20-Pro LCD Digital Overhead Stirrer

Max Stirring Quantity 20L (Includes Universal Stand)
Сatalog number: 8033200100

OS40-Pro LCD Digital Enhanced Overhead Stirrer

Max Stirring Quantity 40L (Universal Stand)
Сatalog number: 50157375

Point of Dispense Filters for Barnstead™ Point of Use Water Purification Systems

Reduce bacteria using the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Point of Use Water Purification Systems.
Сatalog number: 50134022

Pretreatment Cartridges and Filters

Use Thermo Scientific™ Pretreatment Cartridges and Filters when the quality of your feed water doesn't match the requirements for your Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ water purification system.

ProFlex™ Thermal Cycler 3×32 Well PCR System

Brand: Thermo Fisher Scientifitic Intended Use: Biological Laboratory Catalog Number: 4483636 Block Configurations 3 x 32-Well Application: PCR
Сatalog number: 07.3900-EDI

Reverse Osmosis EDI Systems (600 – 1200L/hr)

A compact system with a stainless-steel frame that holds all components, Thermo Scientific™ Reverse Osmosis EDI features a microprocessor control for fully automatic control and monitoring of the system. Limiting value setting and quality rinse are standard.
Сatalog number: 22.0087

Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Choose the required Thermo Scientific™ Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane for your Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ point of use water purification system, as indicated.
Сatalog number: 50155482

Reverse Osmosis Systems RO 100-350 RDS

Produce product water that is less than 0.1µS/cm. Thermo Scientific™ Reverse Osmosis RO 100-350 RDS systems features an integrated ion exchanger, storage tank and pressure pump in a dust-proof cabinet. These systems are ideal supplier of high purity water for analyzers, as well as for general laboratory purposes according to international quality-standards like CLSI.  The quality of the high purity water supplied by reverse osmosis is not sufficient when a conductivity below 1μS/cm is required. For such cases, the combination of reverse osmosis with ion exchanger is necessary.

Roche Cobas Z480 real time PCR Used with Software

Category: Laboratory Equipment Brand: Roche Intended Use: Performing rapid, accurate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in combination with real-time, online detection enabling absolute or relative quantification of a target nucleic acid, as well as post-PCR analysis of the amplified nucleic acid by melting curve analysis

Sanger Sequencer ABI 3130XL

Category: Laboratory Equipment Brand: Thermo Fischer Scientific For Use With (Equipment): 3100 Genetic Analyzer, BigDye™Terminator Kits, dRhodamine Dye Terminator Kit Number of Capillaries: 16 Capillaries Capillary Length: 80 cm, 22 cm, 36 cm, 50 cm Amperage: 15A Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Product Type: Genetic Analyzer Sample: >10 µL Throughput: 23,040 genotypes/24hr (5-dye DNA sizing), 328,000 bases/24hr (Ultra Rapid Sequencing), 17,280 genotypes/24hr (4-dye DNA sizing), 121,600 bases/24hr (Long Read Sequencing) Software: GeneMapper™ Software Weight: 130 kg Format: 96- or 384-well Plate System Upgrade: 3100 to 3130 XL Unit Size: 1 Upgrade